Wrist Band Can Turn Your Fingers into A Mobile

Just mull, isn’t it hard to carry mobiles everywhere? Absolutely truth!  Always humans want to move freely somewhere without heavy luggage in their pockets or wallets. But the usage of mobile turns likes a burden to all because it is needed to carry it all day long.

But fortunately, a new project is getting done. This project is helpful to all those who carry their heavy weighted mobiles.

The project called ‘Sgnl’ which acts as a secret agent. It is a wrist band that allows you to take phone calls by touching your ear by using finger which acts as a receiver.


No speaker present on the device, it’s just a leather band. The audio of the call will be redirected to your ear when you touch it with finger. The vibrations will be passed inside of your body from band to ear to hear the person audio on the other end.


This entire project comes up with a new idea from Innomdle Lab. The exciting feature of this band is, you can use it to a watch dial as a stand-alone wrist band i.e., like a watch strap or even like an analog watch.

If you get involved with your mobile, then you will have to try it…

Source: NowThisFuture

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