Water purification – Coagulation

With the day to day pollution, natural elements water and air is severely polluted and leading to unknown diseases. In some cases, purchasing water has become a big deal inorder to drink healthy water.

Any of you wonder why the government is not taking a step forward in cleaning rivers and lakes so as to provide clean water to its surrounding areas. 

When you observe slum areas near by rivers, there are many people dying with unknown diseases because of drinking polluted water.

A new process has been revealed for good sake and that’s none other than Coagulation. The process of coagulation makes dirty water clean by seperating all the dust particles in water.

Water which has been through coagulation process can be clearly seen with mud at the bottom and clean at the top. You can take out the cleaned water and use it for your household purposes.


How the process done?

This chemical water treatment can undergo to a bottle of water or in any water turbines. Even you can try the procedure at home to see the direct result

  1. Take polluted/ dirty water in a bottle
  2. Add few drops of coagulant to it
  3. Stir the water in the bottle
  4. Leave the bottle for 1 minute
  5. Now, you can observe the mud and clean water desperation
  6. Take the clean water
  7. Throw the mud

This can be easily done if you can spare few minutes in your day to day life. Now spread the word and help others.

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