Updated Diwali Gift List!

For those who think candles are best gift for Diwali, this article will change your thoughts.

Why candles become the primary gift for Diwali?

As per the word we live in, there is a tradition which everyone are following and that’s lightening up entire home with candles for entire Diwali week. It’s become a routine to everyone to follow the same tradition.

If you observe in corporate offices, they gift dry fruits to all its employees to convey their message “Health is wealth” for special occasions.

So yeah apart from traditional gifting like candles, chocolates, sweets and dresses, there are many more gifts which you can surprise your close friends with. Let’s glimpse on some gifts here:

Explosion Box

You might be having previous Diwali celebration photos with family. Gather good ones from them and customize an explosion gift box. It will remain with u all the time and the memories stay forever.

Silver Plated Pooja set

As the tradition lives on, we pray for God before wearing new clothes on festival day. And the pooja set is mandatory in every home. You can gift a Pooja set which is gold or silver plated.

Camphor Lamp

It is mandatory to make the outsider’s feel fresh when they visit home. A camphor based lamp will always splits out a fresh devotional atmosphere inside home. It’s a way good idea of gifting your dear ones.

Wall Sticker

If you want to side track your routine gifts, then customized God wall patterns is a unique idea. Whenever the person sees it, they will remind of you.



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