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The weird part of job life is having only two days in a week for personal works and on those days, you will have to stick with cleaning home, washing clothes and ironing them. Isn’t it? Lazy day with a bunch of clothes to iron is the most annoying part. Now it’s the time to escape you from ironing clothes as Tersa Steam has come into the picture to introduce garment steam.

TersaSteam is the world’s initial chemical free garment care system. This procedure de-wrinkles, counterbalance odors and adds cologne. It lets the clothes hanged inside of its steam box.

It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to finish ironing your clothes. In that meanwhile, you can prepare your face ready with the help of mirror attached to ironing door or you can hang them before going to bath and get the clothes ironed when you finish your bath.

It is so simple to use the Tersa Steam. Here’s how:

  1. Place your garment inside the steam shelf (It will take only one garment at a time.)
  1. Insert the Tersa Pod (An all in one spring breeze to keep your clothes clean and fresh) and press ‘Go’ button
  2. Wait for a while to let the germ killing solution work
  3. Now the chamber get’s heated
  4. Your garments get dries
  5. At the end, your piece will come out with fresh look

Garment Iron Technology

Why go for it?

  • Chemical free
  • Time manageable
  • Water competent
  • Finer design


If you go for laundry services, then we can’t assure our self about the quality of cleaning. When it comes to Tersa Steam, it is specially designed to fulfill your clothing needs by providing high-quality comfort. Don’t break your brain when dry cleaning and laundry services suck and go with this.

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