Smart wearable band turns any surface into keyboard

When compared to past lives with the present, there is lot of advancements in the present technology. Wearable gadgets are one in it because these devices are thriving the internet market now a day’s.

Isn’t it hard to type something on your phone when your hand is soaked in water or filled with dust? No one wants their phone to get spoiled by using it when your hands are not good right?


Here is the wide ranging band which is offering craziest thing and will make others pout at you while using it.

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Tap Strap is wearable band which will turn any surface as a smart keyboard. This will work by using Bluetooth.

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There is no limit speed for your typing speed. You will be provided with a training app to train yourself which will help you in using the band without any confusion.


It is a flexible smart textile keyboard which you can wear to your hand. It just slips in between your fingers.

How these gadgets understand user typing?

Before starting accessing the device, you have to learn some essential things about how to use this gadget in an app as mentioned below. This device will consider every finger as a vowel and multiple combinations will make other letters and symbols.

The happiest thing is you can grab it by the end of this year… So enjoy waiting till the time….

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