Smart Coffee Table – Sobro

Definitely an employer needs a table to work with system right? What if the table fulfills all your requirements at one place? Interesting right?

An attractive thought has come up with crazy features overloaded in it. Let’s have a small glimpse about it.

Sobro is a coffee table which is specially designed for working people. Let’s spotlight the features involved in the table:


Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers at every end of table

Having trouble with your system speakers and feeling hectic to carry speakers to your working table? If yes, then no need to worry about it as it is offering speaker at its right end. It will play any audio with loud sound.

Cooler Drawer

Mini Refridgerator

You can store at least 15 – 20 bottles. It makes sure the bottles are cool all the time. You can either store any fruits or vegetables in it to have a byte while working.

Charging Ports


No need to run somewhere when your laptop or mobile charging is down as it is providing charging ports connected to it.

Additional Benefits

  • Extra racks to store your important files and charging cables
  • Looks stylish
  • Perfect match in any place (Home or Office)
Two mini shelves

Quick on and grab one for you……

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