As we are in a pollution driven world, everyone getting caught with unknown health problems. It may be because of having greasy food or some other reasons. 

Greasy Food

I can accept that you may feel lazy to cook after working for long hours in office. But it’s not safe to have outside food all the time.

If you are a fitness freak or health concerned person, then probably you will be avoiding rice and other heavy food. But what if your lazyness makes you to feel ordering food from outside? One time it is fine. If it continues regularly, then you should be the person to face life ache…

Don’t panic! You can prepare your meal or dinner instantly with RotiMatic. 

RotiMatic, a portable innovation which helps you to make smooth rotis. All you have to do is pouring the flour, water and oil in it. https://youtu.be/EsfccHgWDb0

It has enhanced which you can choose thickness, softness and quantity of oil. You can customise the roti based on your family members interest. Check this link to know more about it.

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