Pocket Mobile Printer (Zuta Labs)

Printers are needed most in the present generation. But how many of you are facing problems by constantly visiting xerox shops and waiting so long for your copy…? It will be more hesitating right?

Even though if you have the patience to wait for long. But sometimes you might need copies at mid night. That time there will be no possibility to get a print out even. To avoid such situations we have only one way that is by maintaining a personal printer.

A new automated handy mobile printer has been developed by ZutaLabs. It is a friendly pocket printer which is portable and you can use it anytime by giving instructions to it via smartphone. It operates by using rechargeable batteries. This will automatically connect to mobile, tablets and PC’s. A on/off switch is provided for easy enabling and disabling of device.

giphy (2).gif

This printer works by using Wi-Fi fro connecting to devices. It’s unique mechanical design is offering a wide range of printing to any size of paper.

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