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Housewife’s know the difficulty of cooking and then washing all the utensils. It is too hard to handle all the things for a working women. But, the present tech is offering you a easy finish to your tasks. Stick to the page and avail this needy things…


Lotus Folding Basket

This is a fabulous flower shaped basket which enables to customize it. You can put the pieces of vegetables in it and keep the entire basket inside of a pressure cooker. After steaming you can take it out you can filter water and serve it in plate. To grab it Click Here.

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Multi Twist Beater

It is a twister which can be used to as a egg beater or like a spoon to milk something which is cooking. After using it you can divide into extravagant pieces to keep somewhere. You can attach it whenever needed.

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You might always use hand wash gel after finishing cooking or cleaning something. The same hand you will use to press the hand wash bottle and the germs get’s attached to it. To avoid such cases, C-Pump is designed.

It allows you to keep your hand inside of pump and press it to get gel into your hands. So, no need to touch the bottle with your germ infected hand. Know more about it.



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