KhanaGadi App Review!

Isn’t it hard to carry bulk of tiffin boxes when you are travelling with a gang… Don’t you think there is no sincere love than loving the food you take regularly?? Who can’t be a food freak when they find a finger licking taste?

In most of the times, we compromise ourselves when we are hungry a ton…



  • It might be because of fear in having less quality food
  • or might you don’t want to get off from the train to buy something…

Well…. Are you the one exactly pointing the same??? Then don’t freak out as this page will introduce about a app which will be helpful to order food when you are travelling…

There are many applications designed before but got stopped before we notice them. This time, an application is specially made to decrease the work from our hands by offering delicious food in train… KhanaGadi

You no need to fetch for food food as this application specially delivering quality food…



It is offering food in 150+ stations and different varieties of food. Special categories available for Jains and Diabetic patients.

I found this app very grateful and can’t stop to give a slogan for it…

“Good Food… Good Mood… Try this app to find your fresh mood”

Why to wait??? Nab the application by clicking here.

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