Kazbrella – A Inside Umbrella

Hi folks,

How many of your clothes are getting wet before opening an umbrella while raining? Assume that you are getting down from a bus or a car, and suddenly it’s raining. You probably cannot open umbrella before getting down isn’t it?

giphy (1).gif

It is the most common problem which we all have right? We can’t open umbrella because it will get stuck at the door. But the cheerful thing here is, an innovative solution is waiting for you. Let’s have a look on it. giphy.gif

The Insider Umbrella an innovative project to avoid problems on rainy season. It will not flush out water after folding it. So that you can keep it anywhere.

This  umbrella is very flexible due to its supreme spring action mode. To attract  users, it is going to available  in different shades.


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