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Futuristic Straddling Bus!!!

Traffic is the most irritating thing that everyone is facing right? I’m personally facing this situation daily while coming and going from office. Drivers are being frustrated to stuck in traffic all the time. Previously we use to consider particular busy hours for traffic. But now a day’s traffic becomes common thing irrespective of peak hours and leisure hours. A new strategy is implementing in China to avoid traffic and give congested free routes to cars.

It is a futuristic straddling bus which allows cars to travel underneath it. This bus works by taking electricity like other bullet trains. The entire road contains two platforms to travel in forward and opposite routes.

When the bus needs to take a turn a red signal will flashes off to indicate cars to stop for a while. Sensors will be available in the bottom of bus to warn the cars to ride in the middle, if they are going to touch the side of the bus. The sensors present in backside of bus will alert heavy loaded trucks to take another route. This bus speed will be 60 KMPH and 4.5 to 5.5 meters high. It carries 1500-1600 passengers at once.

Note: But guyz we have to wait some more time to see it in reality because the project is still on the way..

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