Flying Helium Foam Machine – A china Innovation

China again took a step forward in implementing a new innovation to surprise us once again. By this innovation, China again proved its ability in providing advanced modernization techniques. China is using many plots to make us thrilled all the time. Let’s have a look on this new tech machine…


Everyone is crazy about foaming bubbles right? Even though you are elder or younger or may be your kids still play with foaming bubbles isn’t it? It’s the time to look bright side about this craziest thing called ‘Flying Helium Bubble Foam Machine‘.

If you have a thought of making funniest foam shapes and let them fly on to the clouds, then it will be perfect for you. This machine makes different shape foams and allows it to fly all around.

This eye-catching machine makes foam itself and enables you to select the shape of them foam and how much thicker you want to make it.

Don’t you think it is useful to give surprise by making different arts like Micky’s, Love symbols and many more. For more details and to buy it, Visit this link

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  1. Izzy Mhee

    Just a little FYI: This technology was invented and first marketed as the Flogos system almost 10 years ago by a company in the USA. Georgia, I think.The newer simplified Chinese models of cloud machine are surely more economical, but have fewer (no) extra features or automation.

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