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Today morning i got a call from my bestie who is residing in Philippines, Manila. In the middle of conversation, she told me about a restaurant that they are planning to go today. As soon as i cut the call, i searched the restaurant in Google. I found it great while seeing the images of the restaurant. Want to know more? Then here we go!

Labassin waterfall restaurant which is located in Villa Escudero Resort in Philippines. It allows you to enjoy lunch while the water is flowing under your table. Besides the waterfall, you can enjoy nature because the entire origin is occupied with full of coconut farms. A lovable place for your kids to enjoy the natural water by playing water games in it.

While searching for this restaurant, another interesting restaurant i found and i want to let you know about it…

Assume how it will be when you are taking dinner while flying in the sky? Crazy right? But it made possible with Dinner in the sky. It is not a bit scarier thing to . But the people habituated themselves to enjoy the dinner while watching the views of skyline.

Most business people and companies started offering parties to their employees in this new restaurant. Once it got famous in one country, every country takes its start in introducing ‘Dinner in the sky’

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