E-Surprises By Spending Zero Rupee

If you tune back to past years, it’s like a tradition to surprise someone is by giving gift like what they like most isn’t it? Even it is another way to show love and care among your dearest ones on a special occasion. You are having many occasions and you may confuse in choosing gifts. For that, I just want to be your helping hand in making gifts with free of cost. All you need is a system with Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. I am going to share list of E-gifts that you can make by using computer.

Greeting cards

Even it looks like a card but is having lot in it to express feelings. In market you are having different cards like Normal cards, musical cards, personalized cards, etc. But you guys might go through all those… Try different this time…. Let me assist you in preparing tech greeting card by using MS Word…


Open MS Word->Click on insert->Move to shapes->Choose shape you want to customize ( I was selected a love symbol)->Drag it to became larger->Insert an image to whom you are going to gift it-> Fill the shape with suitable color.

It is an example image which I had made it for letting you understand the process……

Slide show

For smart phone users it will be easy to make a photo slide show. Don’t want to try a different way to make it out! It’s very easy to make if you have basic knowledge with power point…… Let’s check


If you observe above PPT screen, an animated lamp is at the corner. You can download various animated templates to work on with… Some templates are Available Here..

Windows Movie Player

You can generate movie here. If you are having memories in multiple videos, you can just join all the files together. It allows you to write captions for that… You can slide shows by simply uploading images to Windows movie player…. You can add audio of your voice to the slide show… All is at free of cost…

Download Windows Movie Player Software-> start uploading images or videos what ever you want to generate-> follow on screen instructions to generate your result file….


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