Does Fog Catchers Solve Water Crisis?

We all knew that water is a part of natural elements. Now a day’s it is difficult to get the natural things naturally. Air has become polluted, water has become polluted. In short, earth is polluted with wastes.

Once upon a time, our ancestors have not been faced water problems but we are facing it. Water problems has become main thing mainly in cities. Buying water is must these days as we can’t get pure water from near by lakes.

To decrease these problems in foggy areas, a new project arrived and that’s called “Fog Catcher”.


This uses Fog harvesting technology which is designed by using double layered mesh. These nets are set to a height of 4000 feet which will collect water at an average of 6000 liters per day.

This technology is already proved in many mountain areas. The main draw back of this project is it will be useful only when the place is cloudy.

After 10 years of effort in South Africa, the project successfully came in front of us. Let’s hope for better projects which can collect water in sunny areas too…

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