We all knew that water is a part of natural elements. Now a day’s it is difficult to get the natural things naturally. Air has become polluted, water has become polluted. In short, earth is polluted with wastes.

Once upon a time, our ancestors have not been faced water problems but we are facing it. Water problems has become main thing mainly in cities. Buying water is must these days as we can’t get pure water from near by lakes.

To decrease these problems in foggy areas, a new project arrived and that’s called “Fog Catcher”.


This uses Fog harvesting technology which is designed by using double layered mesh. These nets are set to a height of 4000 feet which will collect water at an average of 6000 liters per day.

This technology is already proved in many mountain areas. The main draw back of this project is it will be useful only when the place is cloudy.

After 10 years of effort in South Africa, the project successfully came in front of us. Let’s hope for better projects which can collect water in sunny areas too…

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Isn’t it hard to carry bulk of tiffin boxes when you are travelling with a gang… Don’t you think there is no sincere love than loving the food you take regularly?? Who can’t be a food freak when they find a finger licking taste?

In most of the times, we compromise ourselves when we are hungry a ton…



  • It might be because of fear in having less quality food
  • or might you don’t want to get off from the train to buy something…

Well…. Are you the one exactly pointing the same??? Then don’t freak out as this page will introduce about a app which will be helpful to order food when you are travelling…

There are many applications designed before but got stopped before we notice them. This time, an application is specially made to decrease the work from our hands by offering delicious food in train… KhanaGadi

You no need to fetch for food food as this application specially delivering quality food…



It is offering food in 150+ stations and different varieties of food. Special categories available for Jains and Diabetic patients.

I found this app very grateful and can’t stop to give a slogan for it…

“Good Food… Good Mood… Try this app to find your fresh mood”

Why to wait??? Nab the application by clicking here.


Do you ever think how it will be when you get clicked by a cam before striking a pose? Sometimes, the clicks will be good when it has been taken naturally. How do you feel that if you can capture your moment in a single blink? It’s interesting right…

Isn’t it crazy that if you can capture your surroundings when you blink your eye?

Do you remember your kid’s first smile? Did you ever miss your wonderful moments in a blink without capturing them? Did you ever think it would be good when you can frame your memories within a wink???

‘Blincam’ is a gadget which attaches to the hinge of eye glasses. In literal, it splits a sentence ‘Get ready to take a photo in the blink of an eye.

This device main motto is to capture the memories exactly as you see them.

Shota Takase, the CEO given a statement that “I specially designed this widget for one reason and that’s, everyone should capture the things with their eyes, not with a screen of a Smartphone.”

Working of Blincam

The available sensors thoroughly watch user’s eye. When the device detects a blink which is no longer a normal blink, then it will capture the moment.

As soon as the image captured, it will send to the user Smartphone via Bluetooth. It means no need to carry your cameras and mobiles everywhere.

Due to its eight hour chargeable resistance, you can expect more photographs with more blinks. As per reports, this device will retail for $199 and is estimated to ship in coming April 2017.



Doing routine drama for a long time, makes you worn out right? Sometimes, other activities like playing with toys or spending some time for sports make you feel relaxed.

Today I found out a craziest thing that may be useful for your playtime…

I just hope you remember the games that you played when you are a kid. Finally, this post is to remember you about a game that you probably played…

FerroFluid an interesting game to pass time when, you exhausted by doing routine boring work. It doesn’t needs more space to play. It just needs a 1CM place. Hope you remember the game by it’s name. If not, then scroll down the page to see the photo of it…


There is no need to run behind expensive gadgets because there are many games that you left over… Tune back to your past days to remember the games and reuse it now…

If you want to make your own FerroFluid, check this videos

Can’t stop playing with it all day long…

For more details and buy Visit Here.

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Don’t wonder when you broke something because, there is a chance to fix it!!!

It’s been a while that I had a discussion with one of my friends. One of my gang mates bought branded spectacles. He was sad because he broke it unknowingly. We all told him there is no other option than buying a new one because even if he stick it by using any gum, it will look odd.

In the middle of conversation, one guy in my gang told us about a quick fix. This is about what I’m going to let you know in this post… Continue Reading


Just mull, isn’t it hard to carry mobiles everywhere? Absolutely truth!  Always humans want to move freely somewhere without heavy luggage in their pockets or wallets. But the usage of mobile turns likes a burden to all because it is needed to carry it all day long.

But fortunately, a new project is getting done. This project is helpful to all those who carry their heavy weighted mobiles. Continue Reading


When compared to past lives with the present, there is lot of advancements in the present technology. Wearable gadgets are one in it because these devices are thriving the internet market now a day’s.

Isn’t it hard to type something on your phone when your hand is soaked in water or filled with dust? No one wants their phone to get spoiled by using it when your hands are not good right?


Here is the wide ranging band which is offering craziest thing and will make others pout at you while using it.

giphy (4).gif

Tap Strap is wearable band which will turn any surface as a smart keyboard. This will work by using Bluetooth.

giphy (5).gif

There is no limit speed for your typing speed. You will be provided with a training app to train yourself which will help you in using the band without any confusion.


It is a flexible smart textile keyboard which you can wear to your hand. It just slips in between your fingers.

How these gadgets understand user typing?

Before starting accessing the device, you have to learn some essential things about how to use this gadget in an app as mentioned below. This device will consider every finger as a vowel and multiple combinations will make other letters and symbols.

The happiest thing is you can grab it by the end of this year… So enjoy waiting till the time….


Today I came up with an extensive topic that can help every house wife…..

Hello all housewives’s it’s time to explore out an innovative pan which helps you in preparing many fry toast items at a time. If you are an irking woman to wash many utensils, then it will be right choice for you. Because, it is specially designed to save your time and to drag you out from grilling kitchen by finishing the cooking early. Continue Reading


Housewife’s know the difficulty of cooking and then washing all the utensils. It is too hard to handle all the things for a working women. But, the present tech is offering you a easy finish to your tasks. Stick to the page and avail this needy things…


Lotus Folding Basket

This is a fabulous flower shaped basket which enables to customize it. You can put the pieces of vegetables in it and keep the entire basket inside of a pressure cooker. After steaming you can take it out you can filter water and serve it in plate. To grab it Click Here.

giphy (1).gif

Multi Twist Beater

It is a twister which can be used to as a egg beater or like a spoon to milk something which is cooking. After using it you can divide into extravagant pieces to keep somewhere. You can attach it whenever needed.

giphy (2).gif


You might always use hand wash gel after finishing cooking or cleaning something. The same hand you will use to press the hand wash bottle and the germs get’s attached to it. To avoid such cases, C-Pump is designed.

It allows you to keep your hand inside of pump and press it to get gel into your hands. So, no need to touch the bottle with your germ infected hand. Know more about it.



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