What’s app an innovative thought to be in touch with your besties all the time by means of mobile.

As what’s app has become main source of conversation media to everyone, it is required to know the features about it.

Many features updated after what’s app usage increased infront of mobile platform. A new feature has been added again to help all what’s app features. Scroll down to know more about it.

“Have you ever sent message by mistake to anyone of your contacts and felt bad? If your are the one, then you can feel happy as what’s app been updated with wonderful feature of deleting message before the reciever read it.”

This feature is updated in all mobiles. Check the screenshots below to know more about it.

Select particular message which you wants to delete:

Choose delete for me option, if you want to delete normally. If you want the message to get removed on both sides, then select delete for everyone option.


For those who think candles are best gift for Diwali, this article will change your thoughts.

Why candles become the primary gift for Diwali?

As per the word we live in, there is a tradition which everyone are following and that’s lightening up entire home with candles for entire Diwali week. It’s become a routine to everyone to follow the same tradition.

If you observe in corporate offices, they gift dry fruits to all its employees to convey their message “Health is wealth” for special occasions.

So yeah apart from traditional gifting like candles, chocolates, sweets and dresses, there are many more gifts which you can surprise your close friends with. Let’s glimpse on some gifts here:

Explosion Box

You might be having previous Diwali celebration photos with family. Gather good ones from them and customize an explosion gift box. It will remain with u all the time and the memories stay forever.

Silver Plated Pooja set

As the tradition lives on, we pray for God before wearing new clothes on festival day. And the pooja set is mandatory in every home. You can gift a Pooja set which is gold or silver plated.

Camphor Lamp

It is mandatory to make the outsider’s feel fresh when they visit home. A camphor based lamp will always splits out a fresh devotional atmosphere inside home. It’s a way good idea of gifting your dear ones.

Wall Sticker

If you want to side track your routine gifts, then customized God wall patterns is a unique idea. Whenever the person sees it, they will remind of you.




There are many people who purchase vehicles and spend more money for its cleaning and petrol isn’t it?

I do remember the days where petrol costs used to be 30/-. Now to purchase a litre petrol we have to spend 80/-. Don’t you ever think to stop riding bike and travel by bus to save that money? 

There are no bykes under 50,000 now a days. For purchasing a byke everyone are running behind 2-wheeler loans. Even after that big investment, there is no full stop on spending for your byke.

To overcome such situations, there is a possible way. This can happen with a small one time investment and you can use these bykes anywhere.

Electric scooters are the ones which I’m talking about. After hearing this name, you may think that you know about them already. Here is the advanced bykes which you may not be knowing…

Ever wanted to purchase a Royal Enfield and stopped due to lack of money? You can get the same model electric byke within low cost. Excited? Then grab one for you.


Regardless of age, everyone feel relaxed when they reach bed. If you don’t have a convenient bed to let your body take rest, then you will feel dizzy all the day.

Now we have many beds available based on our requirements. But what if a bed gives you some advanced things? This article is interesting though as you can find your dream bed today. Have a wink on it.


The weird part of job life is having only two days in a week for personal works and on those days, you will have to stick with cleaning home, washing clothes and ironing them. Isn’t it? Lazy day with a bunch of clothes to iron is the most annoying part. Now it’s the time to escape you from ironing clothes as Tersa Steam has come into the picture to introduce garment steam.

TersaSteam is the world’s initial chemical free garment care system. This procedure de-wrinkles, counterbalance odors and adds cologne. It lets the clothes hanged inside of its steam box.

It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to finish ironing your clothes. In that meanwhile, you can prepare your face ready with the help of mirror attached to ironing door or you can hang them before going to bath and get the clothes ironed when you finish your bath.

It is so simple to use the Tersa Steam. Here’s how:

  1. Place your garment inside the steam shelf (It will take only one garment at a time.)
  1. Insert the Tersa Pod (An all in one spring breeze to keep your clothes clean and fresh) and press ‘Go’ button
  2. Wait for a while to let the germ killing solution work
  3. Now the chamber get’s heated
  4. Your garments get dries
  5. At the end, your piece will come out with fresh look

Garment Iron Technology

Why go for it?

  • Chemical free
  • Time manageable
  • Water competent
  • Finer design


If you go for laundry services, then we can’t assure our self about the quality of cleaning. When it comes to Tersa Steam, it is specially designed to fulfill your clothing needs by providing high-quality comfort. Don’t break your brain when dry cleaning and laundry services suck and go with this.

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When it comes to work, all we need is a silent environment and a convenient table isn’t it? If you have any inconvenience while working, then you may not work properly. And now a days everyone are doing work from home. You may sense that, it can’t balance your office environment at any cost.

Using a table mate or normal house purpose tables can’t help anyway. Did u ever questioned yourself to buy a table which meets your comfort? If that is the thing, then you can have this kind of tables. Let’s have a glimpse on the tables

Bed convenient table

This table can be adjusted to any height. Even when you are on bed, you can work till you sleep. It can be easily fitted on bed, floor, sofas, etc. This metal is of less weight so you can carry it with ease.

Slant laptop table

This is a fixed semi laptop table which can offer two additional racks. One is for easy cursor move and other is cup holder. It is a 3 bend table so you can comfort yourself in three angles.

Note: There are many other tables with different features. Check this link for more.


With the day to day pollution, natural elements water and air is severely polluted and leading to unknown diseases. In some cases, purchasing water has become a big deal inorder to drink healthy water.

Any of you wonder why the government is not taking a step forward in cleaning rivers and lakes so as to provide clean water to its surrounding areas. 

When you observe slum areas near by rivers, there are many people dying with unknown diseases because of drinking polluted water.

A new process has been revealed for good sake and that’s none other than Coagulation. The process of coagulation makes dirty water clean by seperating all the dust particles in water.

Water which has been through coagulation process can be clearly seen with mud at the bottom and clean at the top. You can take out the cleaned water and use it for your household purposes.


How the process done?

This chemical water treatment can undergo to a bottle of water or in any water turbines. Even you can try the procedure at home to see the direct result

  1. Take polluted/ dirty water in a bottle
  2. Add few drops of coagulant to it
  3. Stir the water in the bottle
  4. Leave the bottle for 1 minute
  5. Now, you can observe the mud and clean water desperation
  6. Take the clean water
  7. Throw the mud

This can be easily done if you can spare few minutes in your day to day life. Now spread the word and help others.

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As we are in a pollution driven world, everyone getting caught with unknown health problems. It may be because of having greasy food or some other reasons. 

Greasy Food

I can accept that you may feel lazy to cook after working for long hours in office. But it’s not safe to have outside food all the time.

If you are a fitness freak or health concerned person, then probably you will be avoiding rice and other heavy food. But what if your lazyness makes you to feel ordering food from outside? One time it is fine. If it continues regularly, then you should be the person to face life ache…

Don’t panic! You can prepare your meal or dinner instantly with RotiMatic. 

RotiMatic, a portable innovation which helps you to make smooth rotis. All you have to do is pouring the flour, water and oil in it. https://youtu.be/EsfccHgWDb0

It has enhanced which you can choose thickness, softness and quantity of oil. You can customise the roti based on your family members interest. Check this link to know more about it.


Many of you might have faced the situation where in your mobiles die when you needed them the most isn’t it? This is an usual situation to everyone. But, nothing helped a needy at that time as we can’t plug in to chargers everywhere.

Assume, when you are outside waiting for friend and your battery showed 30 seconds to shut down. At that time there will be no unlucky guy than you. 

To overcome those sort of situations, now a days everyone are using power banks. Sometimes, you may forget to charge them and dig into the same situation.

What if something innovative idea comes in market?? Yes, some idea has come out to help mobile needy. 

It’s nonetheless Solar Backpacks. If you are a professional, college student or a school, a backpack is necessary to carry your stuff whether it may be books, laptop or something else. 

Solar Backpack has been invented to make everyones work easier. When you are carrying your backpack, you can plugin your mobile to the socket available to the bag and keep it inside. So before you reach your destination, you can get your phone fully charged. 

There are many other advantages in these bags as you can find it shiny, waterproofed, multi-pocketed, comfort.

You can find more details and purchase option here.

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Definitely an employer needs a table to work with system right? What if the table fulfills all your requirements at one place? Interesting right?

An attractive thought has come up with crazy features overloaded in it. Let’s have a small glimpse about it.

Sobro is a coffee table which is specially designed for working people. Let’s spotlight the features involved in the table:


Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers at every end of table

Having trouble with your system speakers and feeling hectic to carry speakers to your working table? If yes, then no need to worry about it as it is offering speaker at its right end. It will play any audio with loud sound.

Cooler Drawer

Mini Refridgerator

You can store at least 15 – 20 bottles. It makes sure the bottles are cool all the time. You can either store any fruits or vegetables in it to have a byte while working.

Charging Ports


No need to run somewhere when your laptop or mobile charging is down as it is providing charging ports connected to it.

Additional Benefits

  • Extra racks to store your important files and charging cables
  • Looks stylish
  • Perfect match in any place (Home or Office)
Two mini shelves

Quick on and grab one for you……

For more details about it, Visit this page










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