Capture your present memory with a Wink – Blincam

Do you ever think how it will be when you get clicked by a cam before striking a pose? Sometimes, the clicks will be good when it has been taken naturally. How do you feel that if you can capture your moment in a single blink? It’s interesting right…

Isn’t it crazy that if you can capture your surroundings when you blink your eye?

Do you remember your kid’s first smile? Did you ever miss your wonderful moments in a blink without capturing them? Did you ever think it would be good when you can frame your memories within a wink???

‘Blincam’ is a gadget which attaches to the hinge of eye glasses. In literal, it splits a sentence ‘Get ready to take a photo in the blink of an eye.

This device main motto is to capture the memories exactly as you see them.

Shota Takase, the CEO given a statement that “I specially designed this widget for one reason and that’s, everyone should capture the things with their eyes, not with a screen of a Smartphone.”

Working of Blincam

The available sensors thoroughly watch user’s eye. When the device detects a blink which is no longer a normal blink, then it will capture the moment.

As soon as the image captured, it will send to the user Smartphone via Bluetooth. It means no need to carry your cameras and mobiles everywhere.

Due to its eight hour chargeable resistance, you can expect more photographs with more blinks. As per reports, this device will retail for $199 and is estimated to ship in coming April 2017.


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