Auto Vacuum by iRobot

Roomba 880 is a well-defined design from iRobot. It is a smart Auto vacuum which cleans automatically by simply taking instructions from you. You can control it with the help of your Smartphone. It contains “Rubbery Extractors” within the Aerospace cleaning system. It comes with brush less technology to work better than previous iterations…

Let’s see the features:
• 3.6 Inches height
• 13.9 inches wider
• 8.4 pound with well-rounded look
• Removable dustbin
• Virtual light house sensors
If you go in front of the cleaner when it was cleaning, it automatically moves aside without dashing you. For that, it makes use of lighthouse sensors.Done think that it can only help you in cleaning your house because it is very useful for vacuuming your pet hair also…
Ill suggests this because this luxury robot will help you in saving your time… Just one tap from your mobile makes your house clean and healthy…

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